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Potential Tenant

Hi All!!  I'm a new landlord and I have finally ran my first background check.  I used the one provided by this site.  The data I got back wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I expected.  The potential tenant didn't disclose their last place of residency.  According to the check, she lived their last month.  Is the check wrong or inaccurate? Or should I assume that the potential tenant got evicted, or didn't pay rent?

Please contact Safe Rent as soon as you can so that they can explain this to you.
Possibly, the tenant may not have disclosed that information.
LOL that's why we do background checks, to figure out all the little secrets that potential tenants are keeping, as well as confirming that what they tell us is the truth. I always find it funny when people lie on their application rental form when I have in clear black writing that I run all credit checks through Its possible that your renter has a legit reason for not adding it.  I would suggest speaking to the renter about it. I've seen similar things before. Ask and if they have no reasonable answer and won't let you contact the landlord then I would move on. I did have a tenant who didn't bother listing their last place of residency because she was only there for 3 months and the place was closed for violations and the owner declared bankruptcy and she had no phone number or contact information.  
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