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employment verification for renters/Tenants

I have all my screening done for my prospective Tenants,except for 1 thing...their employment verification. It was a Friday when I called their place(s) of employment,and got no call backs. I'd like to get all my screening done by Sunday (I received their rental application on Thursday). I don't want to have them wait too long for my answer and I don't want to waste my time any more than I have to. So,I was wondering if there is any site that does that? Where you can put in your tenants SS # and it will give you any/all their past/present employment information? I guess,my main concern is not so much as to to how they are as an employee,I would like to verify the information they have supplied me with and a report like this could also give me an idea as to how they are with length of employment~this would give me an indication as to how they would be employment-wise. Not sure if I'd want a Tenant that job hops alot. This type of report would give me another indication as to how they would be as a Tenant as well as how truthful they were on their rental application. Know of any site that will give you this kind of information? I've been looking on line and I haven't really found anything. So,I thought I'd ask here.  Thanks!  Patti

There are many services such as Safe Rent and National Tenant Network that offer a menu of services. Safe Rent gives a 15% discount if you are a member of this website. The other thing I do is ask for paystubs for a minimum of a month and I also fax or email the employer a reference form and back it up with a phone call.
The most current paycheck stub usually have the YTD hrs and YTD earnings, so I would think that this is helpful in assessing the length of time, YTD for that period of time, the tenant has been employed with their place of employment. This is helpful if the tenant cannot somehow provide earlier paycheck stubs.
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