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No shows

I have my home advertised WITH the actual address.  I have had quite a number of "no shows" after they have contacted me and set up an appointment to view the home.  How can I avoid this??  I try to accommodate their schedules and accordingly, I sometimes have had to take off during lunch, or leave work early to meet them....then a no-show.  Is this common or am I just being a little sensitive?  I don't see why a simple phone call to cancel would kill anyone.  Any suggestions on how to prevent this from continuing to happen??  Thanks so much.

I recommend not including the address. I would state how many bedrooms and baths, make it sound enticing so they want to see it. If you give them the address, then they can drive there and get an idea of what the place looks like.
Try just advertising the main cross streets and not the actual address. This will give potentials a general idea of the area while still maintaining their curiosity enough to show for the appointment.
Get their phone # and call them close to the time of the showing. If they don't answer, don't go to the showing. Or, ask them to call you about an hour before the showing to confirm meeting. Some people are particular about neighborhoods, schools in the area, etc. I've suggested that they do a drive-by to make sure they are happy with the area. The rental location is just as (maybe more) important as the interior.
It is very common. People don't care...
This happen a lot.  Since I live five minutes from most of my properties, I always ask them to text me when they are on their way so that I can meet them there.  I also call them if I don't hear from them.  When I call, they usually don't pick up because they know that they have no intentions of showing up.
screen them on the phone first. See if its in their price range? Or previous evictions;I found that the poeple that do that are not qualified.They dont want to see it and waiste their time. Question them first.
I like to give the actual address so people can drive by first and not waste time with showings where they don't like the building.  But after many many no shows i will not set appointments for the next day. I find i get stood up 80-90% of the time if the appointment isn't the same day, so when people call and set up a showing for the next day i just explain the no-shows and ask them to txt, call, or email me the day of the showing to confirm that they are still coming. This has cut down on my wasted time so much, with doing this i'm down to maybe 1 in 20 not showing up.
If you are standing at your rental waiting, give them 1/2hr.  Try to contact, if they don't answer, don't waist any more time!
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