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Applicant was accepted but didn't meet deadlines

I accepted an applicant, who failed to meet the deadlines in which to turn in the deposit and the lease.  Then they stalled for days without giving me an answer as to when the deposit would get to me.  They also lined out the move in date on the lease they signed and emailed it me, which did NOT include the addendums.  I was very clear about all the requirements they needed to meet during the application process.  (I saw red flags when they only sent 1 application fee, when I was clear it was per adult) took me 5 more days to get the other application fee.   I started pursuing another applicant while awaiting word from them, and then a day later, they transferred the money into my account.   Can I legally move ahead with the applicant who is performing as scheduled and reject the first couple?    I want to return the first couples deposit asap!  

LaToya, ooo how frustrating. Did you and the prospective tenants sign a lease? Usually, until you have actually signed a lease, you do not have an agreement that is binding.
They signed, I didn't.  They emailed me their copy, without the addendums and put a line through the move-in date.    I just want to be fair and legal.  
I believe the lease is binding as soon as it is signed by both parties to the contract.
If you haven't signed yet, then you are not in a contract.
I agree. If you haven't sighed yet it isn't legal. I had a similar problem. I had already started running through other tenant rental applications when they sent me the lease roughly 2 weeks late. Return their deposit and state why you returned it you should be fine. You might want to glance over your local laws though just to make sure there isn't a legal time period. has a link. I know there isn't wan for florida but some states have some strange tenant landlord laws.
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