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A potential renter is threatening to sue me

b/c he did not get the house. He feels that I discriminated against him and I don't even know on what grounds!  I have a single-family house and I am the owner; the rent  w/o utilities was slightly more than 50% of his monthly income. Him ( a young male), his mother and his friend was present at the house showing. They filled the application with his and his sister's information (3 potential tenants) information, who was not present at the showing and not the other guy's information. His  mother "hired" his sister on the spot for her own company, put "future" income in the "current" income graph and signed the application. They paid $50 ($25 per tenant is required) for the background check. However, I have received 3 more applications during the same showing plus 2 the day after and considered all of them based on income and rented to the couple that have income 3x higher than this guy. I did not run his background check and informed him that I will return his $50 - he was upset about it too. What is the law behind it? I know that I did not discriminate against them when selecting the applicants and I believe his chances of even having a case are = 0, but I don't want to have to prove it.  Thanks!    

Audra, how frustrating. It doesnt sound like they have a case at all. They are just annoyed. We use a letter when denying a tenant. We call it a rental application denial. I would print one out and refund their application fee.
Thank you Karen! I believe Fair Housing Act exempts landlords that are renting "single-family housing without the use of a broker". I would like to know for sure. Does this mean that I could choose my tenants the way I want?
I chose the same as you seem to based on income more or less but also look at criminal background as well as tenancy background information.
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