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New Home Owner, 25 Living with Long Time Friend who now has girlfriend over everynight

Hey All, New to this form to seek advice for what I consider a unique landlord situation. I'm a new home owner (25 years old), bought my two Bedroom two bath 1500SQ home last October for which my long time good friend moved in right away. Mortgage before HOA is $950 and I'm charging him $450 + 50% utilities. About 5-6 months ago he met a girl who has consistently stayed the night for the last 3-4 months, literally every night. She'll come over during the weekdays at around 9-10PM and leave in the morning before or shortly after I leave for work and will be over all day / night on the weekends. At first, I was letting it go hoping they would break up or it would work it self out. She was living with a roommate who she hated but has since moved back to her parents about 1.5 months ago. It is really starting to irritate me as I'm starting to not feel not as comfortable in my own home. She is nice and all, however it feels like I have a third roommate.... She does not contribute and they are very PDA friendly and most often in common areas of the house. I know I need to step up and confront roommate, however I want to make this as least awkward as possible as we've been friends for years....What is the best way to approach this? Something like this? "Hey, bro, I really like your girlfriend and all and it was cool for a while that she was staying here every night, however it's really starting to feel like we have a third roommate and this is not what I had in mind when I let you move in" OR I was thinking to let him know that Rent is going to be bumped up to $600 per month for two reasons, 1. I'm giving you to good of a deal relative to market rates (is the case for Scottsdale, AZ) AND you have your girlfriend staying the night every night which constitutes as a tenant in my opinion. I would probably be cool with it if he paid more rent, as it is now I feel taken advantage of. Does this conversation need to happen face to face or would initiating it via Text work? I'm wanting to have this conversation by end of next week at the latest as it is starting to weigh heavy on me. Thank you all very much for your time and wisdom. Best, Shane

If you are comfortable with her bring there, then try and get more for rent. If you are not comfortable I would go with option 1. However, you risk the two of them leaving to find their "own" space together. So to me, the more money option seems the best... you make more money and dont lose the extra income but gain.
Have all conversations face to face.  Texting is a coward's way out.  Discuss the situation and come to a mutually beneficial resolution.  Then document it in writing -- sometimes even taking notes while you talk then giving the other person a copy can be the best.
I was in a similar situation, only the roommates girlfriend had a child who was roughly 2 years old.  After speaking with my roommate we upped rent to around $600/month, but that only made the problem worse.  Now since he was paying extra for the addition people rather than being over 4-5 times a week they basically moved in.  All of the sudden I was one of four people living in the house.  The two year old basically took over and I hid in my room most of the time.  It sucked.  Utilities went up significantly because there were always people home as well.  The tension in the house was palpable and eventually my roommate decided that they needed their own space.  I tell story because by simply raising the rent, you may be validating behavior that you're not really comfortable with.  If you really just wanted a single roommate, perhaps you should discuss that and suggest that their own place would provide more privacy as well.  Just my two cents.
I have it in the lease and had an upfront discussion that I was avoiding this situation. Overnight guests may not stay more than 3 consecutive nights.
I am a good friend of a lawyer in my town and am currently in the same situation.  I have texted my roommate and spoken with him face to face.  Verbal contracts are valid when my roommate moved in but not say easy to prove when you need them to move out.  I have proof of conversations through texting on my phone which I can print out with an attached notary statement.  Also, I am writting a 14 day notice to vacate persuant to Wisconsin Statute.  If he is your friend he should understand your situation.  My roommate did but I haven't known him that long.  My roommate had his girlfriend move in but she moved out already.  Good luck!  Hope all works out!!
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