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Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tenants

Hello,  We have a boyfriend/girlfriend tenants that want to sign a 2 year lease with us. The girlfriend is a lawyer, great credit, great rental history, and great income. The boyfriend is a military veteran on disability. His income (paid as 100% service connected) and rental history checks out. However, he states that I cannot pull his credit by law because he is a military vet and special housing laws protect him from this. Does anyone know anything about this? I have never heard of it. Also, the girlfriend seems like a lower risk. Should I still have have both sign the lease? What happens if they break up and one moves out. Is the other responsible for the whole rent? Thank you!

Simple answer ….no credit check no rental. I guess you can always ask him for a copy of the law and a military contact to verify his position. Do your research. Something doesn’t appear to be right. Move on to the next applicant. However, if you decide to accept the above as tenants, get back to the Forum with your other question. -----Disclaimer: Since I’ve been answering a lot of questions, I thought I would make the following statement. I’m not affiliated with EZlandlord Forms. I’m just here (not sure how long) to help those that have questions. Having 40+ yrs with Rental Property and done well, it’s my way of “Pay it Forward (check out the movie).” However, it is up to you to become familiar with your State/Local laws. I always like to know if the suggestions I offer are helpful. Feel free to comment anytime. Thanks in Advance
I had a boyfriend / girlfriend.  Because the rent was based on both of their incomes I had them get a co-signer in case either of them defaulted.  Glad I did because half way through they split up and the remaining renter could not pay.  Co signer paid the last half of the rent.
There’s no special housing laws for veterans, disabled or otherwise. I know this because I am a disabled veteran.
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