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Applicant has Public Record of Eviction

I have received a Rental Application completed and signed, along with a copy of an Experian Credit Report supplied by a party interested in renting my property.  The Credit Score on this report is very good.  I did not pull credit reports myself.  But, did  look on line at the court record in my County.  I found the applicant was evicted this year from another property, this was not disclosed on the application (or on the Credit Report).  Also, they have not supply proof of income as requested.  I received an inquiry from them today asking if I have made a decision.  Can you please advise on the best way to decline this applicant?

If they signed a Lease Agreement I would refer to the terms of your lease.  I believe it should have a section titled Misrepresentation.  It sounds like all the issues you have mentioned would be addressed in a lease.  
Sounds like you want to evict.
What about evicting a tenant after they have been living in the leased premises for 4 months and then you find out they lied on the original application to obtain approval? They lied about prior evictions and judgements, which they have both. It was brought to my attention by calling DHS when they kept telling me that DHS wants them to write checks as proof of tenancy so they can obtain assistance :( So i called DHS and asked them myself if that were to be true b/c they have had 2 checks bounce that were rent checks and I told them I will only accept a bank check or cash from now on. DHS tells me they were evicted from their last Apt. and the tenants never told them they had moved into my house and all that was needed was the lease aggreement. I then went to my local district court and obtain the eviction record and the still pending judgement record :( They also have about 20 bags of trash piled up in the yard as well as 3 unauthorized pets that they failed to mention or pay the additional pet deposit, which we have visually seen in the windows(have pictures) and leaving the home
Clearly if the applicant lied on the application and has been previously evicted the risk is too high in renting to them. You made the right move- I would check the court records for all future applicants- it is all too easy to lie on an application and have it slip through the cracks.  Apartments for Rent in St. Paul
I sent a letter as suggested, in the form of email, I have not heard from them since.  My application does ask if they have ever been evicted, they did state no.  This is another good point.    Thank you for your responding.
Did you ask if they had ever been evicted on your rental application and did they state no?  On my application I ask that, as well as if they have been through foreclosure, and have a statement that they must sign indicating that everything on the application is the truth (to paraphrase).  If I find evidence to the contrary then I can state that they were not truthful on the application.
I would send them a letter stating that due to a prior eviction and lack of income verification you will be unable to rent them a unit.
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