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Can and should I ask for SIN (Canada)?

Good day everyone,  I have only become a landlord a year ago and am quite new to a lot of things. My recent rental application requires the applicant to provide there Social Insurance Number and banking info. I have had one applicant try everything possible to not give me this info. I have told her without this info I will not be proceeding with her application. Should I ever not get this info?

I do not run credit checks, but rather ask the prospective tenants to run their own, and then give me a copy! It makes it much easier, and I also am not holding onto that type of info.
PLUS if they are super interested, then they would for sure check their own credit and give it to me asap!
Yes, do not process applications without the numbers. And, do not follow the troll post above.
According to PIPA you are not allowed to ask for a sin. I have changed all my application forms to say SIN (optional). You can run a credit check using date of birth
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