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I'm new at this...

Down to 2 prospects now.  One is 43 with one kid and one dog but she has a bankruptcy due to recent divorce.  Some job for 16 years making about $65k  The other is a 28 year old also divorcing and bringing her 47 year old mother with her. Combined income about $90k with superb credit. But she has three dogs and 2 cats.  Even though the income is lower and the bankruptcy exists, I'm leaning toward the first one because she is a hard working single mom with responsibility and dedication.  I'm also worried about cat smells.  Am I nuts?

At least you have prospective tenants. I've posted my condo for rent for about a week now and there are no interested renters. I have a nice model home with upgrades etc so I don't know what the problem is. Maybe I'm asking too much on monthly rent? Anyway, if you're not planning on living there again, I would allow the pets. She has great credit and that's what I personally would choose. But if you can trust the bankrupt lady, go for her.
I will always look at stability and the people and dogs that will live in the unit. For example, the first lady from what I seen has 16 yrs at one job. if this is so she has stability, one kids and one dog that's what the deposit if for.   The second prospect has too animals, cat urine is always hard to clean. If you have hardwoods go with the second one. If you have carpet, then more than likely if they urinate consider that one a replacement.   Just my opinion.   Zsaella L. have done a comparison in the area. Consult with a realtor or look at rental comparisons in the area.
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