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Young engineers sharing rooms

First time landlord. Three engineers are interested in renting our 3 bed single family house. We have done extensive remodel on the house and have all new hardwood floor. One engineer has a tank of fish and a pair of anaconda snakes (male and female). We know pets like dogs and cats can damage property, and can imagine the fish tank can break by accident. Don't know what other damages can happen. Would someone give us some advice what we should watch out when evaluating these prospects? Thanks.

Other then the possibility of the hardwood damage if it breaks, there isn't many negative outcomes. I would write something in the lease saying that they are liable for and if all/any damages that may happen to the premises.
Well said luis. Make sure to screen the tenants before renting out an apartment. I use tenant screening services from Lone Star Realty. They manage my apartment and take care of everything from rent to repair.
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