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What comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd???

I am renting our house for the first time. I have a potential tenant that I have done the screening/background check. What is my next step? Do I have them fill out an application?  Our property is a ONE-YEAR LEASE so I'm confused on the RENTAL APPLICATION and the RESIDENTUAL LEASE.  Thank you K

Karen, if you have already screened your tenant, and approved them, then you can start creating your lease. An application is for the screening process, if that is finished, you don't need them to fill out another application. You can create your lease on this website.
All I have done is the criminal and a financial screening but I know nothing about these people besides what was in that report. I haven't been able to show them the property because it is not vacant right now. I will be able to show them the house on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.  Thank you for answering me.
Well, I always have them fill out the app first because that gives me their wage/salary info, their signed statement about their rental, financial and criminal history, and emergency contact info.  I don't even run credit if their income doesn't meet the minimum requirement.  At this point I verify employment and do a internet search on their email and name.  Sometimes this will turn up negative information in public court records.  2nd I run credit / background/eviction check only on the applicant that meets the requirements and is interested in the rental.  3rd I call rental references.  4th If they pass, I notify them that they have been accepted.  If they fail, I only notify if credit was the reason for the failure.  I have found that if the applicant lies on the application, they also want to give a line of BS about why you should rent to them anyway or bully their way into the rental agreement.  I had one guy tell me that he had to lie on the application or I wouldn't have rented to him.  5th collect deposit , sign agreements, and collect first month's rent before handing over keys.
If the tenant is having good record, then you can sign a lease agreement with the tenant. From the last six months, I am using RedFlag's emergency notification system which help me  manage my tenants in emergency situations like fire, theft, flood, etc. It not only saves lives in unexpected conditions, but also your property.
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