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Tenant Screening Costs Association Charges Issue

Good day How does a landord get around the following issue. As a landlord my HOA (association) charges $100 per applicant for a background / credit check for new prospective tenants. The HOA only lets the landlord know if the tenant is approved or not and refuses to give the landlord a detailed copy of the background check. I was told that the HOA is only concerned about the criminal background check aspect. Thus I am interested in having a separate background / credit check done but think it is unfair to have to charge the prospective tenant  again to have another background / credit check done.  How do I get around this issue and make it affordable for the tenant in this instance if I have to do a background / credit check a 2nd time.  What are some alternatives?

Hmmm, I guess you would need to ask your HOA? That does seem quite expensive.
Would speak to the HOA. Thanks again, Karen
You should trust on HOA for tenant screening. I also use tenant screening services from Tropicana Realty, a real estate firm in Killeen, TX. They always provide me perspective tenants.
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