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Rejection notices

Do you automatically give each interested party an application after viewing the rental unit even if you are not interested in them as a tenant? If all interested parties return the application with the fee, what is my obligation to communicate back and by what form the disposition of their application. And, how much information must I provide as to why they weren't selected assuming there was no problem in their background and credit check? Thanks

If there was no problem in their background and credit check then you can give them a reason that the particular selected tenant has applied earliest than the others. I always apply online for rental apartments at Hunter Rentals & Property Management.
Thanks Liza, Since posting this message a week ago, 12 people have made appts. to see the unit but only 5 actually showed up. This is despite my sending a reminder email the morning of the appt.  As you suggested, I decided to not offer an application but rather have them apply online using EZlandlord rental application form. This being my first experience in renting, I remain worried about the selection process and then how best to notify the rejected applicants. I can see how easy it can be to unintentionally discriminate just because you will like one applicant better than another independent of their credit and background information. I would appreciate hearing more about other's experiences in selecting a tenant. Thanks
Hi Robert, I've been renting my house out for 7 years now and this was the first round I had multiple showings.  Usually word of mouth and a great referral have helped me secure good tenants without the hassle of showings.  I found that asking for an application prior to setting up an appointment helped me weed out the "lookers" and focus on those that were serious about renting.  It also showed me who was more apt to drag their feet in filling out forms which may/may not reflect how they will be paying rent but I figure it's a starting point!  I rely on the background & credit checks available through and I utilize their rejection letters.
Thank you Amber and Nicholas for responding. I like your idea of seeking an application first. I will try that next time. Thanks again.
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