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Is the emailable application $9.99 per application?

Hi Taylor, No, we do not sell individual forms. You pay 9.99 for a package which includes standardized forms excluding LEASES and LEASE related docs. There is a FREE application and one that's included in the 9.99 package.
No but I can understand the tenants discomfort. It is always good to meet a person before you are giving away your personal information. It is okay to have them do it that way but there is definitely a good amount of people who will refuse to fill it in before seeing the rental property. There are so many scams nowadays.
Hello Laurie,  When the applicant successfully completes the screening, the results are immediately sent to your Applicant Results section under the TENANT SCREENING drop down arrow in the blue bar. When the status says pending it means the applicant has not started the screening , and the in progress status means they are in the process of finishing the screening to be submitted.
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