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Rental Application to potential interested renters

I am getting a good amount of response to my ad for my house rental from an advertisement. Am I legalily obligated to give and acept every person that is interested a rental application?

You are not legally obligated to accept everybody that submits an application, use your best judgement.  Be sure that it is fair , not to descriminate; and use tenant screening tools and background checks.
Does that mean if they submit an application and I do not process any further, no credit check, no criminal check that I do not owe them any additional written or phone follow-up? What if they strat the process, start the app and they fail to complete it or sign it?
Hey Julie, You should not accept every person that submits an application. You should make sure that you perform thorough background check of the prospective tenant. I have been working with Lone Star Realty for last 2 years and they have taken care of all these background checks and tenant screening methods for my rental property. So, its a good idea to hire a property management firm for this task.
Hello Julie,  If you don't use a management company, you should develop your own criteria for whom you want to rent to.  Once you have this, you can screen them using this information.  Very important is to make sure you are being fair with all of them.
Hi Julie ! this is a situation for many landlords when they don't decide where to start the selection of potential tenant for there home. This is thing is equal confusing for all if you don't go with when you don't keep intermediate property agent. The best way to choose is to apply your criteria and go with Tenant screening records with many credit screening agencies.
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