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Emergency Notification System for Property Management

Hello All, I have three rental apartments in Dallas. Generally I use property management services to screen the tenants, but i have some issues from the last incident happens at one of my apartment when the tenant leaves the gas burner on while leaving for his job. It was really a bad incident, one of my tenants was hurt and I had a great loss of utilities there. Last week, RedFlag installed an emergency notification system which provides informal messages through text, voice, email and social media to the concern person on unexpected conditions or issue. How many of you have installed this type of system to prepare for unexpected situations?

I have been looking for a system like this.  Now will it work for potential hazards like gas being left on?  I have tried to update my properties with newer fail safe detection for fires, smoke etc. Using products like Nest smoke alarms and smart systems and hard wired smoke detectors.  This age of communication should really be able to help protect our properties. I will be following this thread to see how well it works. It may be time for an upgrade.
You could talk to the staff for the updates on the emergency notification system. You could follow the below mentioned link:
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