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Rental applicant with Alzheimers diagnosis

I have received a rental application from the sons of a woman who was diagnosed with Alzheimers about 3 years ago.  The sons want to move her closer to where they are.  They intend to visit her regularly but she will live in the house alone.  I checked with the Alzheimer's support and did not receive a response.  I am wondering how to deal with this.  I have other applicants in addition to this one.  If I decline her application and accept a different applicant am I discriminating?  What is my liability if something happens to her in the house?  Has anyone had this experience?  Thanks,  MEH
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I think, you are not discriminating. It would be better, if you will select the application of other applicant. I use property management services from Hunter Rentals&Property Management, they handle my rental apartment and take care everything on my behalf.
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