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bad credit.

Hello! Had to deny an application because their scores were really really bad, 525 and 575. Also the cureent landlord told me they pay their rent, "most of the time,.. yheah, yes, they pay." One of the applicants just texted asking for an explanation. Hes willing to get a co singer. But inhave other applications. What do I say? Thank you!

I have come into this in the past with potential tenants. It really is a gut feeling thing for me, who will be the better tenant.  As always a formal letter with a brief explanation as polite as you can word it has always worked for me. Be sure to not list any explanation that could be determined as Discriminatory.
Your credit score is very important and that's why  always keep your record clean for your future correspondences. The Credit screening companies keep eye on you with your existing records.
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