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Application Fee

This is my first rental and I'm fumbling through the process of getting my first tenant... I have a husband and wife with no kids who would like to apply, should I carge the $30 app fee for each of them? Is that unreasonable to ask of them, or even necessary?

How can you request application fee from each member? Recently, I found a new rental apartment through Hunter Rentals & Property Management. We are also husband & wife and they did not ask application fee from our each member. I just paid it once.
This also is my first time renting and I decided to go through EZlandlord for credit and background checks. They charge $25 per person so I made the application fee a flat $50 assuming there will be two adults. If not I made $25.
Yes you can charge an application fee. In Georgia there are no regulations to the amount you charge. Just be reasonable. Most people charge just the cost to process the application (run background checks, faxing, copying, admin work, etc.) as the application fee.
Thank you, Douglas B, I appreciate your response.  -David Gottschalk
Yes, this is law that you return the application fee that you charge, it is also important that you only charge the amount it costs to screen the tenant credit and criminal report. In Wisconsin you must not charge $20.
Thank you but I'm unclear about the last part of your answer.......So in Wisconsin can we charge $20.00 or no more than $20.00?
Let's clarify.  You don't have to return the fee to do a credit/background check,  but it cannot be more than $20 in WI.  You DO have to return "earnest money"  which the tenant may have put down to hold the property.
The credit check fee cannot be more than your actual cost,  or $20,  whichever is less.
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