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SSN and DL

I have prospective tenants that have a co-signer that has excellent credit however, the tenants that would be living there do not have Social Security numbers or Driver Licenses.  Would it be illegal to allow them to live there or illegal not to let them live there.  In Pennsylvania

So you are saying that they are illegal non - US Citizens? Last time I checked they do not have legal rights in this country, They can try taking you to court but I am pretty sure you will win. This is your call If you take cash I hope they don't stop paying you. Be careful with this one.
Citizens or not you can't put people out on the street. You can make them pay in full before they rent so that you are sure to not have any missed payments.
Are they legal to live in the US? They have excellent credit so I would imagine they have SSN's. I would ask them to get state ID's made up since they do not drive. You want picture ID on file for legal purposes.
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