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Never Rented Before

I have a 21 and 19 year old couple with new baby who have never rented before.  Both have lived with parent or grandmother.  Female is a student with no job.  Male is a farm hand.  They have no credit history (good or bad).  Rent and utilities account for about 60% of income.  My gut says red flag.  Am I correct?

This could go either way. If you were to consider them I would get professional references and current employment to speak directly to the employer and verify income. And if possible have a co-signer, with this you would be sure to not have payments missed or at least accountable for. It could be that they will be great tenants and need to start building themselves up.
I would average out their income, by getting by getting proof on employment directly from the employer, vs. total rent including utilities. It is not necessarily a Red Flag and you most certainly do not want to discriminate in any sort of way.
This is a toss up. Being that they are young with a new baby, money is going to be tight. She has school bills on top of baby funds, add in food and other bills - that adds up. How much does the boyfriend make? I can't imagine it is much being a farm hand? Is this work guaranteed? You don't want to rent to them and he loses his job in 2 months cause you will feel sorry for the baby and not want to kick them out, they will end up having the upper hand. I would work out the numbers of average costs for school, food for 3, bills, and baby care and see what is left over. If they don't have at least $200 over your asking rent, I would not rent to them.
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