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Promised 1 house to 2 prospects

In trying to manage 2 vacancies at the same time,  I made an error & promised one house to two qualified prospects.   Made the promises via email, no leases have been signed.  No monies paid.    How do I notify one of the tenants that I have to break my promise?  Do I owe them anything?

You can simply turn one down and tell them do to certain circumstances that you are not able to rent the place out at this time. You can always assist them in finding another place or if you have another unit that you can rent them. As far as legalities go take the ones who have the money ready. You are not required by law at this point to owe them anything.
You can just deny one. You don't owe them anything but it is a good idea to be honest about your mistake. Confess your mistake to the one party and offer your assistance to help them find another place.
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