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International applicants

I have a couple living in UK, applying our rental property remotely, they would like to come to the states for an company assigned year-long project and seems ready to move in once he arrived here. He gave their driver license numbers, addresses and phone numbers, etc. through email. How would we background check and verify incomes for international applicants? Appreciate any comments and experiences!

If your tenant doesnt have a Social Security Number, or a valid U.S. Address, I'm pretty sure it is impossible to obtain a credit report from the major U.S. credit bureaus. You should have your applicant to prepare documentation of their financial resources (bank account funds, scholarship or employment agreement, etc). Some company's should be able to give you criminal history on an international tenant. I would search around. Good luck!
Be careful it could be a scam.  If they gave too much unsolicited personal information at the onset of their e-mail request (otherwise tried too hard), it's possibly a scam. They even give a company name, number and manager to call. I spent 3 days answering questions from someone in the UK by email only to figure out it was a scam. The scam part comes at the end when they won't be here in time to pay for the furniture/utilities and ask you to meet and pay them at the apartment on said day and they will send you a check to cover the costs.
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