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Rental Application Denial Letter

If a prospective tenant has a Judgement for not paying rent 15 years ago is that a good reason to list on denial letter or is that too long ago?  If I found this information on my own online, is that allowed?

No I think this is a valid reason for you to deny a tenant you could inquire about it first and hear them out but unless they got in trouble and learned a lesson who is to say they will not do it again. Unfortunately it could have been nothing that the tenant could have done like a job loss or sudden financial crisis but there really is no way to tell. If you like em go with your gut hear them out if you really want to protect yourself to the fullest move on to the next applicant.
I know this question was posed months ago but I have to disagree about denying to rent to a tenant who had something happen 15 YEARS ago that was not present on the credit report or criminal report you legally pulled with their permission.  Finding out information via the 'internet' or 'on your own' may NOT be true and may NOT even belong to the same person you are screening.  Far too many people have similar names and unless you can CLEARLY establish it was indeed, the very same person, doesn't it also mean that this person HAS paid for housing is some way or another for the past 15 years???   After reading the article posted on the website about being sued by a prospective tenant for discrimination, I think this very situation could lead to that due to how the information was obtained and how much it figured into the decision.  Personally, I'd find a different reason for rejecting the tenant that can hold up in court better than this one.  I was once denied housing because I was unmarried and PREGNANT! I should have taken them to court but I didn't want to rent the unit after seeing it anyway......
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