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3 tenants

Does this website allow you to screen 3 co-tenants so I can add them all to the lease?  (A father, daughter and her boyfriend).  I seem to be able to get two of them but when I the third was not able to authorize it, and they suggested I remove him and re-add him, but I can't now because I have the reports for the other two already.  Any ideas how I can add this without paying to run all 3 again?
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I think they charge per applicant, but I do know you won't get charged unless you get the report back. I use add new report button and than when the report comes through if I accept the tenant, I can click a button that says add to new lease. Its pretty cool. for the tenant that wasn't added I would just run a new report, since you already got the reports for the other two you wouldn't need to run them again.
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