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Decling potential renters?

I showed my house (for lease) to about 35 families over the weekend. Seven qualified. I ran ID verification, Credit Check and Eviction Check on the first family that applied. I decided to Lease it to them (not just because they were first, but because they seemed to be the best fit.). How do I tell the other six families that I'm leasing it to someone else? That I never even got far enough to run credit reports on them? Also I can't send them letters or email, they'll all require phone calls, so I want to make sure that I don't get "talked into a corner."  Thanks so much!

I would just let them know by mail or email that the unit has been filled and that you appreciate their interesting the rental unit. You can also soften the blow by saying if/when any of your other units open you would notify them to see if they are still interested.
Hey, I agree with you.
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