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Discrimination on felons

At this point because it is not yet one of the protected categories what kind of protection or rights does one have if they are being denied soley based on a felony.

The felony is over 8 years old and the individual has continued to better themselves over the years including a college degree and raising their daughter on their own. It just doenst seem right to continue to punish someone who has served their time and is trying to move forward. If they didnt have a supportive family, they would literally be homeless, not because they dont have a job, but because they cant find anyone to rent to them without going into undesireable neighborhoods to raise their baby.
I believe Criminals and former criminals are not protected just yet. If the criminal charges have passed several years and the potential tenant has no further criminal history, I would give them a shot. I think it is a thin line which is why it is debated today. I personally decide based on how much criminal history is involved. If a person has a large criminal background, It becomes a liability. If they get sent to jail, I get screwed in the end as the landlord. I always screen tenants which is a big help in my decision. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
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