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Lowering rents

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with getting their rentals advertised without having to compete against an actual Real Estate agent.  This agent is using our free advertisement sites. From what I read Real Estate agents can use our sites but are suppose to clearly state that they are a professional real estate agent - not just list their first name and a cell #. The other problem is they are advertising one nice picture and under cutting me by $55 or more. Also the same picture of the unit is being used twice, which makes me wonder if it is just a bait.   So my question is: does this fall under misconduct? If so why hasn't someone blown the whistle on her?    Anyway advice appreciated....mj

Unfortunately if the site is not monitored there is no way to prevent this, if they are false advertising they could be banned from the site. You could contact them and act as a curious tenant to see if the images are even so. Also report them to the site to see if they fall within the misconduct terms and conditions of the site. This could also help you with your advertising, get better pictures, try to pic up some tips on what they do. Just because they are doing this does not mean they are getting more tenants or even better tenants than you . Just be honest and provide the best quality you can.  You will be sure to get quality in return.
Thanks you for your time and response to my post. I very much appreciate your input. I actually have several pictures and monitor the web sites I advertise on. Also have more posted than the real estate agent does and better quality. I just resent that she is so dishonest and doesn't mention that she is a real estate agent. But having no problems renting my places since I answer my phone and respond back to messages, texts and emails. These real estate agents just list them and don't worry about following up on them. But if they were their bread and butter that might be a different story. I feel bad for the owners they are suppose to be working for. Also according to the AZ Real Estate Board it falls under unethical conduct.   Thanks again,
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