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Company wants to rent my property for a client(family) Do I need to do screening on the Company and the Family?

This is the message I received from a lead on my rental ad: I have a client of mine who is from the Loganville area who recently had damage down to their home. Their insurance company is in the process of fixing their home. This family is looking for a Month to Month rental while their home is being repaired.. We would put the lease in my company's name and we would be responsible for all payments on the unit. Would you be willing to rent your unit to my company for this family during their time of need?  My question is would you recommend me doing a background check on the tenants that will occupy my property or just the company?  Is it safe for me to have a lease agreement with a Company on behalf of their client? Are there pros and cons?  Thank you for your help!
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It is better to do background check on everybody that would be responsible for payment and who would be living in the house. As for who it is better to sign a contract with I would make sure that if it is with a company you also have the others names on it.
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