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Renting to 18 year old

I am renting a small cottage to an 18 year old man in California. Do I need his parents to co sign or is he of legal age?

18 is the legal age for being an adult and ability to sign contracts.
The age where we have the ability to enter into a legally binding contract; is called the "Age of Consent" and it varies widely from country to country and state to state.  18 years of age is the most commonly accepted Age of Consent but it can go as low as 13 in South Korea and as high as 21 in Niger. It all depends on your location.  In Australia it is 16 most everywhere except Queensland, where it is 18.  Age of Consent is most popularly known as the age where you can legally have sex as an adult, which is, after all, a binding contract between two people.
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