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Difficulties with obtaining valid numbers to contact for reference checks!!!

I manage more low-income properties and am having a difficult time obtaining valid contact information for reference checks from previous residences. I do look at my local city parcel information in which a majority only lists the deed holder which is usually some distant investing company. I was contemplating in hiring a PI or debt collection agency in hopes of having a bigger database available to me with more current numbers of owners/landlords? Also, because most of my tenant base is low-income, a good majority of past residences are small private landlords, I have the off assumption that a good majority of potential tenants are providing false contact number in which a close friend or family will claim to be the owner/landlord.  PLEASE!!! ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
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If it is low income families you can also use HUD to check references. If they have been on any gov't subsidies they will have a track record.
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