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proper wording for denial due to criminal record

I am looking for a sample letter to send to an applicant for denial due to criminal record issues that came to light during the background investigation. The property is in Maryland. Thank you.  Linda

I have a document which explains the application screening process upfront. I give applicants this document and it explains some of the reasons why their application could be denied, including criminal convictions and evictions.  If I deny an application I refer them back to this document...if they have questions about why.
I feel that's discrimination towards that individual. We all make mistakes and maybe you should ask the applicant to give you an explanation. Let them know you have other candidates you are screening but you will Definitely let them know once you made your decision.
You can easily draw up any notice that you want you can deny them with out really giving a reason and state that there were more suitable applicants or other replied in a more timely manner. What ever you state make sure that it is discriminatory.
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