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Software Advertising to tenants

Hello,  I am creating a web application to help landlords and property managers. As a small time landlord myself, one issue I deal with how to price my rental property. To solve this, I'm creating a "eBay for rental properties" feature, where a landlord can list a property for rent and a prospective tenants can suggest a rental price for your property when they apply. This will help landlords know the true value of their rental property.  We are close to rolling out our beta website and would love to get feedback and tests. This is a completely free service and will be compatible with Craigslist or any other site you list rentals on.  Feel free to PM or simply provide feedback in this thread if you'd find this feature useful.  Thanks,  Ryan

This is an interesting concept I would like to see it in action but feel that if a tenant is naming the price for your property you could be well undersold. I am curious as to how this would work, would there tenants be able to see what other have input because this may be really damaging to what the worth of the house actually is. Imagine having a few low-ballers and then everyone else following suite. I'd imagine this would not be public. I do like the idea of bidding online especially if there is mobile accessibility. I do carry the majority of my management out online and through mobile devices. It would be nice to see what the current bid is at. Also would this in any way infringe on tenant rights or discrimination? Sorry for rambling but I am happy to bounce ideas around, even if I do happen to play devils advocate once in a while.
Property managers have unique needs when it comes to technology, and there are hundreds of systems on the market to meet those needs. Some are designed for companies managing multiple types of properties, while others target a specific niche in the industry (e.g., residential, commercial, university housing and homeowners’ associations).
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