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accepting Multiple applications at the same time

Is it ok in Texas to accept applications from more than one prospective tenant at a time.  Just listed house today, two people already want apps. Seems like it would take along time if I had to disqualify one before considering the other.

Yes you absolutely can, you will have to choose fairly and send a denial letter to the one that you do not choose.  You do want to screen each one and pick the best qualified tenant. This is great news for you it will give you a bigger option to choose from.
We only run one application at a time,  we choose the one with strongest income,  or rental history,  or some allowable choice,  be careful not to discriminate on things which are illegal (race, religion,  family status,  etc.).  Applications are processed quickly,  a couple of hours usually,  and then we ask that person to go ahead and sign the lease and give us the security deposit.  if they are unwilling to commit at that point,  we move on to the next person.
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