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Foreign National with no credit and bad references

Hello, I have a prospective tenant who applied for a 2 bedroom apartment. When I showed the apartment, he indicated that there would be 3 adult tenants. When he returned the application, he listed 6 potential tenants. None of them have any credit history. I contacted his 2 most recent landlords and found that he left the first with alot of damage and bedbugs. The current landlord indicated that they had just had to collect fees for a stove due to tenant damage and that the carpet would have to be replaced once the tenant moves due to numerous bleach stains and additional bug and roach infestations. Both the current and previous landlords did indicate in writing that the tenant always paid their rent on time. Can I deny this application due strictly to the negative information provided by the current and previous landlord?
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Hey William! I would decline due to the damage they caused in their rental history. I believe as long as you are not discriminating you will be fine to decline. Hope that helps you make your descision. I would look up the fair housing act. That is very helpful to know the rights and wrongs. Good luck bud!
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