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Application doesnt match address on credit report

I just received an application where the applicant has only 2 past addresses (including current) on her application. The latest address states she lived with her parents for 37 years prior to moving into her current home. Her credit report shows she has 2 other addresses (plus her current address) which she did list on her application.  Her husbands rental history did not match when I called his past "landlord". The name was correct, but she admitted to not having a rental property.   There aren't any evictions coming up. Why don't these address match? What are typical reason people do this?
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If this comes up I always inquire with the tenant directly about it. Then I check their references and employers directly by phone and making sure that the employer is who the tenant says. I also check with past landlords directly. The more ways to verify the better. There are a few reasons this does happen. In a basic database search anyone with the same name and from the same state could show these are fail safe questions these searches do to help verify an identity. Second is because of school possibly. I really only ever had one address during college, my parents, but I lived in 3 different places or addresses. Good Lick and be thorough.
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