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Tx 92.351 code compliance at time of application

Question:  How can I confirm application conforms to the TX requirement highlighted in the notes... TX Assist: At the time an applicant is provided with a rental application, the landlord shall make available to the applicant printed notice of the landlord's tenant selection criteria and the grounds for which the rental application may be denied.  There is specific criteria with regards to rental applications found in Subchapter I-Rental Application, beginning with Section 92.351 of the Landlord Tenant Code of Texas. ALL landlords must become knowledgeable of this.  I can't seem to find that notice that complies with the requirement or a way to add an attachment (addendum with tenant selection criteria) to the application process.  Please advise how this Tx requirement is met with the EZlandlord application process.  Regards, Chad
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Hey There Chad! This is a question our EZ team could have answered for you. Please click on the link below for our disclosure for Texas Criteria. Please feel free to contact our team if you have questions or need help!!! :)
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