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I have a potential tenant that recently went through bankruptcy. Should I consider giving him a chance. ? He was in a bitter divorce were he assumed all the debt of his disgruntled ex wife. If you did accept what kind of security deposit and rent collection would you recommend. ? He has a solid work history and has a new family trying to start over. Am I crazy??¿¿

There is nothing crazy about helping a tenant stabilize and bounce back however set ground rules and do not let them take advantage. This is a business and you are trying your best to help them out. If need be and you are worried set up a payment plan or agreement so that they are legally held responsible and knowingly being helped.
I'd just go with the year lease.  If they stop paying rent and won't move out you have to evict them no matter if they are month to month or a year.  unless of course there is some CA rule that makes it more difficult to get rid of a year long tenant.
I would try to get more of a deposit  to cover the risk of renting to them.
It's your call. But I would not discount outright. If anything, up the deposit.
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