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Rental Process

I have a condo for rent. I've had multiple potential renters who expressed that they want to rent the unit. I'm suing the online screen. Do I have each potential renter fill out the application, or do I have them do an application and credit check? Also, I read somewhere that there is a refundable deposit that I can request to hold the unit. I wouldn't want all the possible renters to do a credit check and they all are good and I have to reject them. Does anyone have a process for this?  Application, ask for Deposit, do a credit check, if good, have them sign the lease. In the online form you can do application or credit check or both at the same time. I think I would like a checklist for this. It would good if there was only one possible renter. But with multiple, that makes a differenc.e

Ken there is not an easy process when you have multiple renters looking at the property although this is not a bad problem to have! However I always if seeing the tenant in person hand them an application form and wait for the first to return it. Motivation is a big seller in my book but no the be all and end all, I will then screen them with a credit and criminal check then follow up with the previous landlord or living establishment.  I also verify their employers online and call them to check with them that they are currently employed. This is a lot but you cannot be too safe. I do not take deposits to hold the unit as this get to be troublesome at times. The only deposit I take upfront is security, then when we hand the keys over we take the remainder which is usually the first and last months rent.
Thanks Richard. That was helpful.
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