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Failed background check

How does a landlord inform a potential tenant that they failed a background check. Do you have any forms for that?

Please update I have the same situation. Thank you
Hello I am trying to pre screen my tenants before I meet them or set up appt. What type of questions should I ask even before the initial tenant screening?? Thank you Michael
We've found its best to ask for verification or explanation. As it notes on the criminal report, it's not always the same person and can be a case of mistaken identity or identity theft.
If they ask what was wrong with the background check do I have to tell them
Simply sending a letter notifying them that the results of their tenant screening did not hold up to your standard for a tenant and that you will continue to seek a more qualified tenant. Make sure whatever you state that it cannot be taken as discriminatory. People love to pull this card and say you would rent to them because of this or that but simply it is because they were not qualified financially or criminally.
Michael,  EZ Landlord forms offers a telephone screening document. That's what I use.
Hello all,  Please fill out your information on application, not your parent's information. when I send a lease agreement then one of your parent need to sign 'co-signer agreement. Jatin.
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