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Factoring in Section 8 in Application Acceptance

I have owned rental properties for several years, but have never had a Section 8 tenant.  I listed a property recently in Washington, DC, and have had several inquires regarding the acceptance of Section 8 vouchers.  I use EZ Landlord for the electronic application, credit check and background check, but am unsure how the Section 8 payment should be factored into the application decision.  Please let me know if you have ideas on how to factor in or whether the tenants should list the Section 8 payment as income.  Thanks
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I do not believe you are required to rent to tenants on section 8. If you do the screening process would still be up to you. You can ask the tenants to list the vouchers as income on the application. The Housing Authority only determines program eligibility and leaves the responsibility of screening families up to the landlord.
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