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Tenant Paid a $500 Deposit, but never signed lease

I had a tenant lined up for 3/1/2017, and I only charged him a $500 deposit  He literally paypal'd it to me (with no note or anything..  I thought was odd).  and then I sent him the lease.  He was suppose to have it signed by 2/15.  By last Fri no signed lease.  I texted him several times explaining I needed the lease singed, and he said I will get it to you on Sun, and I explained I needed it signed immediately.  He refused.  He stopped responding.    I then sent a text that said if not signed by cob you forfeit the condo and any monies paid up to that point.  He sent me a rude text stating that "he would get it to me on Sun, and I needed to chill." I politely reminded him this was my property, and I was refusing continuing the relationship as he represented too much risk, and I told him I would be keeping the $500.00  Tonight he sent me a text (a week later) telling me he was expecting the $500.00 back.    I still have a condo with no tenant beginning 3/1, and since he did not sign a lease I have no recourse, but I am keeping the $500.00  ...  he is threatening me now.  My husband said "let it go"  he has nothing..  besides it's like he just pay pal'd me the $500.  Anyway...  I did research, and it showed I was wise to get that from him and good for me.  But do you think he could come after me?  I mean I am sure he can, but is he due this back?    This guy has been a nightmare btw, and my friend "realtor" told me to be very happy I got rid of him...  bad news.

This article supports my keeping the $500.    I just need to cover the mortgage, and this does not cover in full.  The potential tenant, I believe, was "window" shopping for a better opportunity and was putting off signing the lease in order to make a decision without being obligated to anyone.  Well he lost b/c that "pause" was a RED FLAG.    I don't have time to chase rent money...
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