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First time landlord screening tenant

I have had multiple applications and when I narrowed it down to 3 my first choice was a 55 year old high school teacher who is reluctant to fill out the 3rd party credit amd back ground check  She gave me and CORI criminal background check amanda a printed out version of her credit report. Should I accept it or push the $29.99 fee for the screening here? Any advice would be great

I had a similar experience today and I am sticking with the process. They say you can't judge a book by its cover and that is very true for your applicants.   Many applicants I think will be great, are not. Check the sites for your biggest REIT rental competitors and they all have rules and an application process.   We have a half dozen homes and are a few years into this and I already know short cuts, cut profits.  Thanks
I always use the screening on EZ Landlord and let my applicants know, up front, that there is a $29.99 non-refundable application fee.  I have had some tenants tell me that they had/have some credit issues beforehand. My reply is "I will see what comes back in the report"...thus far, I have not had any tenants who were opposed to the application process. I am in agreement with Richard W...."never judge a book by it's cover"...get your own report!
I am a first time landlord and I have a husband and wife wanting to complete an application for my rental property.  Does the the web based application and background checks cover both the husband and wife?  Even though one of them may check out fine, the other one could have some credit issues or a criminal record.  How is this handled? Scott B. Iowa
Its 2 separate applicants for one rental and you get a blended report.   Individual credit reports, individual criminal/ background check and a recommendation based on their aggregate income and aggregate expenses as to whether you should rent to them or not.    Still, DONT TAKE IT AT FACE VALUE.  Think about it and know your applicants. I have seen a great recommendation based on income and expenses that I should rent to them and then I look at background details and realize, this is not the applicant for me.   No short cuts to profits in this business except due diligence and your owned learned experiences.
I would definitely do my own check of applicants. You definitely should have the service which you trust and with you use constantly for tenant screening.
I am also first time, is it a good idea to screen more than one applicant for my 1 property? I have narrowed down to 3 families but really confused how should I proceed.  Thanks
Priyal - Getting 3 screenings is not too many unless you have a standout applicant that is head and shoulders above the others.  Personally, 3 is probably just the right amount.  Too few and you don't get many choices post-screening.  Too many and you're more confused than you feel you currently are.  More than 3 may mean you have too loose of an initial screening process, asking too little for rent, or a touch of both. Good luck!

how long does it take for the prospective tenant to receive the emailed application?

The email is sent immediately after the screening request has been created. I would suggest asking the applicant to check their spam/trash folder as sometimes emails go in there. Also check to make sure the email address for the applicant is correct.

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