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Credit/Background Check fee

I've used EZ Landlord's tenant screening twice, but a new potential tenant just told me it will only accept their bank account information (routing#, acct#). She has recently experienced  some identity theft on the account and is very uncomfortable with this. I can understand and we've opted for her to pay me for it and then I'll pay the fees online. Has anyone else had this problem? As I can't see what they see, I'm kind of shocked that a debit or credit card is not a viable option for payment. Anyone know why this is or any way around it?
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I have sent it to myself to see what they see, it is asking on the application for bank accounts and info, they can pay using a CC. I just entered that I didn't have bank accounts and was able to pass that section. Maybe they can try that and it work that way and they will feel more comfortable. So basically the bank accounts is apart of the application.
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