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Understanding Results of Credit and Background Check

I got the results of a credit and background check but I don't understand them. There are a lot of items under the heading "Collections" but the past due amount is 0.00. What are these?  On the background check, there are items "Criminal/Traffic" with a citation number but NO details about what happened. Was it a traffic stop or a felony? How am I supposed to be able to tell?

I would contact the credit bureau to figure out the criminal, which, on this site Is transunion. The collections if the past due amount is 0.00 they are paid off.
Are you sure that if the past due column is 0.00 they are paid off?  I don't believe that to be true.  If the balance still exists and the record is still Open, I believe that the collections agency is still trying to collect on this.    I did a quick search on Transunion webpage and could not find anything about the Past Due column.    Does anyone have other experience with this?
Past Due may refer to payments that were due each month (say $25/month) but have not been paid.  So...if individual had not paid the last 2 months, past due would = $50.
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