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Question about credit/criminal background check

Hello all.  I am trying to rent one of my rooms in my house and I want to do a criminal background check on this potential tenant.  I am new to this website and was curious how the process works.  I put in the ad that the tenants are responsible for the non-refundable $30 fee for the background check.  When I started the process, this site asked for the tenant's name and email address, and then there were fields to put my home address and when I submitted it with the payment, it says status is Pending.  When I went to my email it said that the tenant was emailed with questions pertaining to the background check with a link to click on.  When we clicked that link, it brought us to a new page asking the tenant to create an account on a different site.  Is this normal?  Isn't there a place where I can enter all the tenant's information in and have it just do the background check?  Thanks for your help.
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I just read that the reason it brings us to the TenantApp site is cause the tenant has to approve the process before it's submitted.  I understand now I think.
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