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Additional Applicant Documents needed

Once the applicant completes the initial application and we have credit and criminal background information. What is a standard  lost of remaining documents? Bank statements Paystubs ???

After i receive their application, i request credit and criminal reports and if they are still an accept in my mind, i start to contact previous landlords, and contact references from the paper application i use here. This helps me to get a good feel on the applicant. It also was suggested to me to do a phone screening, you basically have a phone interview and you ask some questions. This way you get an idea of what type of tenant would be renting your property. Just never ask discriminatory questions, like age, marital status, family questions, you would ask application type questions. So far all of that has worked great for me. It takes more time but it is worth it to have a reliable person picked out carefully than just taking the easy way out
I prefer to meet with applicant(s) at a coffee shop to review the agreement and answer any questions they may have. This way I can view their reaction to a question or my response. You can't get that over a phone conversation.
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