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How to deny when Vet Admin will pay most of rent?

I have an applicant who cannot qualify for my rental on their own family income.  They claim the Veterans Administration will send a check for $1,000 each month to my bank account.  The renter then will give me the remaining $450.  I don't want to be involved in any way with the government.  I feel I will have to learn certain regulation, fill out forms and make reports.  How can I safely deny a lease to this person?

You should receive a letter/contract from the VA stating the amount and length of time....... Also, check to see what happens if tenant decides to break the lease, if any....... Keep us posted.
Thanks, but what I am needing is guidance on how I can deny this application (I don't want to mess with the government as all) without drawing the ire of the VA.  Any suggestions?  Any advice?
Use your tenant guideline for accepting........ example: if tenant qualifies based on ability to pay rent due to income/ VA assistance and VA is not willing to guarantee rent for the term of the lease, you may be justified in not accepting that individual. Keep us posted.
Well,  I know people deny Section 8 on the grounds of extra paperwork,  inspection to be passed,  etc.  Doesn't seem to be illegal to do that.  Can't see why you wouldn't do the same.  I just rejected an applicant from Catholic Charities because the deal was THEY would pay their share ($700 of $925 rent)  AFTER she had paid her share.  So if she was late,  they'd be late,  etc.  I said "Nope" and the Catholic Charity lady gave me no trouble whatsoever.
I appreciate both reply's.  I guess my issue is on two points:  In both of the replies, I have to research government regulations, which I would rather, maybe foolishly, ignore.  Is Section 8 part of some Veterans Administration code? Or is it like Federal Housing regulations?  (Do I, as a landlord, HAVE to be aware of Section 8?)   And for Stan, how would I find out if the VA is willing to guarantee rent for a particular term?  This is all stuff I am reluctant to get into.  Maybe I do have to.  Secondly, my issue with my tenant just paying $450 a month of the $1450 rent is that he naturally will just feel the place is worth $450 a month while I am certain it is worth $1450.  I want a tenant who is invested in my place.
Sec. 8 is Federal Housing........ You ask VA for a copy of their terms for review before you accept.......On another note - you need to treat rental as a business. If you're uncomfortable about researching and asking questions, maybe another type of investment would work better for you..... Best wishes.
If they are qualifying but you have others in mind, just say that other applicants met your criteria or make it a time thing. Like this applicant had the same credit but applied before you. if they ask. I keep it pretty general when sending any denials.
I have tenants that apply and for several reasons don't qualify, ex: they have pets, their salary is only 1/3 of the rent, don't have good credit, etc. I don't want to give them an opening, ex: they lie, "oh I'll find a home & get rid of my dog," then I show up a month later I find the dog has trashed the home. And the stress begins trying to get them evicted. What's the best way to deny them without a battle or legal issues?
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