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How to Verify Rental History

Confirm the property address and the dates the tenant lived there; Find out if the tenant routinely paid rent on time; Ask if the landlord needed to withhold deductions from the security deposit; Find out if the tenant left at the end of the lease agreement and provided notice; Ask if the tenant was the subject of complaints from other tenants or neighbors, or if the tenant made numerous complaints; If applicable, ask if the tenant smoked, or if the tenant has a pet, if that pet was well behaved; and, Ask if there is any reason to avoid this applicant.
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I like using the paper application at my rental property. Having every interested party hand me that form filled in. Then, lets say, i have 10 applicants that filled the paper application, i will choose 5 of the more qualifying ones and send them this ez screening. Then i will narrow it down to 2 and verify their employment and references. Then i have found my tenant.
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